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    Struggling is a horrible feeling for anyone. Being confident and believing that we can tackle problems is a skill that’s very important in the workplace. Give your child the best possible opportunity with our tailor-made tuition.

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    Shozey Jafferi
    Shozey Jafferi

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 11 months ago

    My daughter has attended Genie Tutors in Bromsgrove ahead of her sitting her 11+ examinations. I have been very impressed with the progress she has made under the guidance of Ben and his team, and with the consistently detailed feedback we receive from Ben every week on the work covered in each session, and what she needs to do at home to prepare for the next session. Very professional, and I would highly recommend Genie Tutors.

    Becky Walton
    Becky Walton

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 year ago

    My 6 year old son has been attending Genie tutors for over a year. My husband and I have both noticed a great improvement in his maturity and school work as a result of the extra tuition. Thanks Ben and team.

  • What can you expect?

    • A FREE consultation and assessment
    • Excellent progress each week
    • Improved focus and increased confidence
    • Experienced, CRB/DBS checked tutors for your child
    • A boost towards exams and tests
    • Continuous support, advice and feedback after each session

    Our Dedicated Tuition Team

    Ben and Becky lead the Genie Tutors team in Bromsgrove at The Methodist Centre (opposite the Library). They are a husband and wife team with 15 years experience in helping children achieve their full potential. Teaching across the primary age range and helping children prepare for exams is their speciality.

    “We are passionate about teaching and we know that children are passionate about learning. We understand the pressures and difficulties children face in the classroom and the frustration for teachers faced with large classes. That is why we are part of Genie Tutors. Now we can put the fun back into learning.”

    “We will ensure that you receive feedback on your child’s progress every week. We are the only tuition centre in Bromsgrove that offers this assurance. As we teach in small groups of no more than 6 children we can make the sessions enjoyable and motivating. At the same time we can ensure that your child receives the individual education and support needed in order to achieve.”

    What can we do for your child?

    If you are worried about the transition to middle or high school, we can help your child catch up, while boosting confidence to ensure a flying start in the new term. If you plan to put your child in for entrance to Bromsgrove Preparatory or the King Edward’s Grammar Schools, we will help with preparation for entrance exams. If you want to catch up in English and/or Maths, boost self-confidence or to better challenge your child, we will help. We will work in partnership with you and your child to assess your specific requirements and ensure progress.

    Free Consultation and Assessment

    Ring now for a free, no obligation, consultation to see how we can make sure your child makes weekly progress. Places are limited so please don’t delay!

    Directions from key landmarks: From the Oakalls Estate Roundabout:

    • Take the exit marked Bromsgrove (Stratford Road)
    • Go up the hill and then down
    • Go past the Methodist Centre on your right
    • Opposite Bromsgrove library, turn right onto School drive
    • Then immediately turn right into the Dolphin Centre Car park and head towards the top right hand corner where you will find the Methodist Centre car park.

    From the crossroads with the Stourbridge Road, Birmingham Road and Stratford Road:

    (A448) turn onto the A448 signposted Redditch.

    • The road turns to the left
    • Opposite Bromsgrove library, turn left onto School drive
    • Then immediately turn right into the Dolphin Centre Car park and head towards the top right hand corner where you will find the Methodist Centre car park


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    19 Stratford Road
    B60 1AS
    United Kingdom

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  • Reviews from other Genie Tutors Centres

  • Genie Tutors Eastbourne
    Reviewed from Google

    4.7 out of 5 stars

    Sue Relf
    Sue Relf

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 year ago

    Our godson was approaching GCSEs and was predicted a D. Genie Tutors was just what he needed. The tutor was very capable. He really liked her and enjoyed the lessons. He grew visibly in confidence and in success. We are now hoping for a B or even an A! I would recommend Genie 100%.

  • Genie Tutors Hollywood
    Reviewed from Google

    5 out of 5 stars

    Jennifer Gaffiney
    Jennifer Gaffiney

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 year ago

    I was recommended Jo by parents at my son's school who had sent their children to her for 11+ and general tutoring. We started with a two month trial but my son enjoyed his sessions with her so much that we ended up extending his tuition for the remainder of the academic year. My son was really keen to get into a grammar school and though we purchased some resources ourselves we felt ill-experienced to support him. I was told Jo has an outstanding success rate for her tutored children succeeding in reaching a high enough score for the grammar schools and this was encouraging. The range of resources was superb and she showed flexibility in what she would give our son to work on and supported us and him by focusing on the areas we felt needed the most attention. Although the tutoring is not 1-2-1, my son had plenty of direct attention and work was issued and marked each week. Jo's feedback was regular and clear. I would strongly recommend Jo for either 11+ tutoring or more general tuition. She has been a great help to our son who has achieved a score we are very proud of.

  • Genie Tutors Redditch
    Reviewed from Google

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Paula Pritchard
    Paula Pritchard

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 2 weeks ago

    Can highly recommend Genie Tutors Redditch. Ben and his team have increased our daughters confidence in English and Maths with excellent teaching and tailored learning all of which has helped her with her forthcoming SATs. The small groups and dedicated teaching has brought the best out of our daughter. This is a fantastic tutoring institute which we're grateful of. Good luck with the future Genie.

  • Liz Penzer
    Liz Penzer

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 8 months ago

    My son went to Jane as he struggled to even write a sentence. School homework was an absolute nightmare. I also felt that there was a hidden mathematician locked within that no teacher had tapped into. Within a month he was writing the most beautiful paragraphs of written text - I was amazed. He couldn't wait to go each week and absolutely loved Jane. Within a few months she told me she thought he was capable of sitting the 11+ grammar school test. She helped me with his tutoring and he took the test and passed. Jane and her team are incredible teachers, motivational and inspiring.