How could your child improve?

  • Your child can benefit from extra English, Maths, Science, 11+ tuition.

    • English
      “In Year 3, Charlie was having terrible problems with literacy” according to dad, Graham
    • Maths
      In just a few months, Olivia’s gone up two grades in Maths. I’m thrilled.” Julie, Olivia’s mum.
    • Science
      Dalil went from a predicted D in Chemistry to an A* in his mock GCSE exam.” Shamim, Dalil’s mum.
    • 11+ tuition
      Ryan is a Year 5 pupil who will be taking his 11+ this September.
    • We help children get better English results - And feedback progress every week
    • Building confidence for exams - getting the grades you deserve
    • IHoliday tuition can help you keep one step ahead - Children fall behind when they are on holiday!
    • Learning program with after-school care
    • We offer a unique money back guarantee
    • If you genuinely believe that your child hasn’t made progress in the first four weeks of tuition, we’ll give you your money back. Terms and conditions apply.
    • Feedback progress every week - At Genie, we provide English tuition in very small groups for all ages and abilities. We help children get better results in their day to day schoolwork as well as improving their performance in SATS, GCSEs and A-Levels. There are many reasons why a child can struggle at school. The leap from middle school to secondary, for example, can often be a sensitive time when children can lose confidence in their abilities. The build up to school tests or entrance exams can also be daunting and there is a multitude of personal and emotional issues that can affect a child’s performance and schoolwork.
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