Try Before you Buy

  • TBBTry Before You Buy – take the first steps towards achieving your child’s potential, free of charge. Using our tried and tested techniques, our experienced tutors deliver engaging sessions designed to give lasting benefits to your child. We are so convinced that your child will see improvements and an increase in confidence and achievement at school, that we are offering two weeks of free tuition.

    We know how disheartening it is for parents who know their child needs a boost in confidence or help to achieve the results expected. You might have already read about some of the success stories of other children who have attended Genie Tutors in similar circumstances. Now your child can get a free trial and start to benefit from the same tuition and begin to get a boost in confidence and achievement, ready for the new school year.

  • Genie Tutors has centres across the country that are participating in this special promotion. We tutor school children of all ages and abilities, whether a child needs to catch up with other children in the class, wants extra help to pass an exam, or just wants to do better at school.

    There are limited places available and the offer is only available in May 2016 – so find your local centre to book your free sessions.