"Are you are looking for an 11 Plus Vocabulary List?"

Download your 11 Plus Vocabulary List 

By Luke Scrutton

Are you are looking for an 11 Plus Vocabulary List? We have build ours based on over a decade of experience helping children to pass the 11+. You can use this list along with our 11 Plus Vocabulary Games, resources from other providers like CGP and reading a range of good quality literature. See a list of recommended reading for the 11+ here.


Will a Strong Vocabulary Help with 11 Plus Exams?
You may have heard of verbal reasoning and be aware of the English and comprehension elements of the 11+ exams. To answer many of the questions, your child will need to rely on a strong vocabulary. Many children will develop a good vocabulary though: extensive reading of good literature, school and home. Even children who display and use an extensive vocabulary will benefit from having an assessment. You can assess your child's knowledge with our 11 plus vocabulary list. You will identify known words and identify synonyms and antonyms.


English as a Second Language?

When English is spoken as a second language, you will need a greater emphasis on building a strong Vocabulary. Your first step should be to assess your child’s known vocabulary. You can download our 11 plus vocabulary list below from our 11 plus tutor birmingham. Use this to assess known words and then start to inproduce new words every week. The resources available from links on this page will help but professional support can also improve your child’s vocabulary.


Is our Vocabulary List comprehensive

Our 11 plus words list is extensive, with over 600 words, and contains many words that are likely to be used in an 11+ exam. You should be aware that a typical adult may use over 3000 words and know more than 20,000! Our list, and the 11 Plus Vocabulary Games you can down load from our website is a great help that should be used with wide and extensive reading to help build a strong vocabulary.


Getting Professional Help

You can download our Vocabulary List here. You should find the file called “11 plus vocabulary list.xlsx” in your downloads folder. If you want help preparing your child for the 11+ exam then why not contact your local centre to book a free trial.