"A strong vocabulary is important for your child's future,"

11 Plus Vocabulary 

By Luke Scrutton

Why is 11 Plus Vocabulary So Important? 
A strong vocabulary is important for your child's future. It's something that I have enjoyed helping hundreds of children achieve, including my own. Following the steps here will help you to do the same. The steps in this article can be used to help any child build a richer vocabulary - and is a must for 11 plus preparation with best 11 plus tutor in Birmingham.


The actual 11 plus vocabulary used in different exams across the country is unknown. I can tell you that the words are challenging and can prove difficult for most children and many adults alike. Understanding a wide variety of words, how they relate to similar words and knowledge of the multiple meanings and uses of them will be key to your child's test.


Research isn’t conclusive on the amount of words needed to build a strong vocabulary but the publisher Scholastic suggests that only 3000 words are used in our day to day speech whilst the average adult will know more than 20,000 words.


From my experience as a teacher, tutor, educator and father, I can share with you an 11 plus vocabulary list, suggestions on how to help improve your child’s vocabulary and links to other 11+ vocabulary games and resources. Building a strong vocabulary is a gift which will increase understanding, improve opportunities and enrich your child’s future.


Help My Child to Build a Strong 11 Plus Vocabulary?
Building a strong vocabulary is a process. The temptation might be to overload your child but planning this can prove more productive. Follow this process and you might find that by working on as few as 5 words a week could improve your child's vocabulary by 260 words.

  1. Download our 11 plus vocabulary list and ask your child to use each word in a sentence. Where there is more than one definition for a word then ask for a sentence for each definition. Record on the sheet which words are your child already knows and which you want your child to learn.
  2. Make sure your child is reading good quality texts which will help build a strong vocabulary. We have a list of great texts that will help. With my own children I have found that it can help to have a dictionary and thesaurus next to them when reading.
  3. Download our 11 plus vocabulary games and resources and start playing some of the educational games. Remove the words from the deck as your child learns them. You can now focus on the words that you want your child to learn. 

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