"parents want to know what books their children should be reading to help prepare for the 11+"

11+ Tutors Reading List
Books your 11+ Tutors say should be read 

By Luke Scrutton

Our 11+ tutors often tell me that parents want to know what books their children should be reading to help them prepare for the 11+ exams. This is unsurprising as the vocabulary needed to be successful in the 11+ tests is very challenging and is a key area that will need improving in the lead up to exams.


A good time to start is as early as possible. Command of a good vocabulary is important to your child’s success in school and the great news is that good literature can help develop this. If your child is a reluctant reader help is at hand – read our blog  ‘Help My Child Read‘ to find out how you can help your child become a keen reader.


You can scroll down to the reading list at the bottom of this page or find out how you can encourage your child to read more and better literature:


1) Prepare somewhere for your child to read

Create a calm and quiet space with distractions out of sight. Bedtime is a perfect time, just make sure that your child has a shelf to put books on and a bedside table with a light to read by.


2) Shop till you drop!

What child doesn’t like gifts or outings? Visit a library, book shop or even shop on line. Make sure that you have an idea of the books that your child might like or that you would like them to read. Now the key is to let your child choose. It’s ok to introduce books and suggest titles or authors that should be tried but do let your child choose  – even if you know it is too hard! Let your child take away all the books chosen!

I myself chose to read Lord of the Rings when I was about 7 years old. I can remember to this day how fascinated I was by the story of fantasy and it was this that led me to persist and after several months of torturously slow reading, my reading improved, my speed increased and my understanding developed. If I had been given a book I wasn’t interested in I might have given up.


3) Model Reading

Read in front of your children to reinforce the importance of reading. If you have a boy – get dad or granddad to read with him. This is especially important for boys who may only see women read.

Books Shortlisted by our 11+ Tutors

Authors A-F

Authors F-L

Authors M-Z

Perhaps you thought that you had tried everything. You might have heard yourself say “can you help my child read”. If this is the case then try these tips. Alternatively you can contact us for a free trial to find out how we can help your child read effectively.


More help from our 11+ Tutors and 11+ Tuition in Birmingham

This list contains just some of the great books that your child might like to read that will help improve the vocabulary needed for the 11+ tests. Check back regularly as our 11+ tutor in Birmingham may add more texts in the future.