"Exam season can create a stressful household..."

5 ways to help your child to prepare for exams 

By Luke Scrutton

It’s that time of year again. For both children and parents, exam season can create a stressful household and the pressure to revise and attain good grades builds as it approaches. However, stress is just one of a wide number of reasons children come to Genie Tutors in search of exam tuition. While some children need help focusing on specific problem areas, some need structure and to have time set aside to focus on their studies and others simply need emotional support to reach their potential. At Genie Tutors, we pride ourselves on our strong track record of helping children who wish to perform as well as they can in their exams. In this blog, we talk about some of the methods that enable such a high success rate.


We are able to provide specific and targeted help.

One of the biggest advantages of private tutoring over revision classes is that we are able to address specific issues a child may have with a certain subject. Often children only struggle with small sections of the content they need to know for an exam. At Genie Tutors we provide a sharp focus on areas that have been identified as troublesome. Because our tuition takes place in small groups, children can build up a dialogue with their tutor more easily than they may be able to with a teacher, allowing us to be precise in the way we help your child.


Our tutors offer fresh perspectives on established topics.

It may sound obvious, but some children will pick up certain techniques quickly, whereas others may respond better to a different teaching technique. What we often find is that when information is presented to children in a different format, they are able to revise more effectively and increase their overall understanding. Being able to tackle similar content from another angle engages a child’s mind more effectively than staring at exactly the same worksheet they completed earlier in the year. Our tutors come from a variety of different teaching backgrounds and, as this previous blog post shows, they learn a lot about different approaches to teaching from their time as a tutor. This allows tutors to be flexible and find the right approach to help exam preparation.


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