"Memorable Science..."

A test tube triumph
Making memorable lessons for children. 

By Luke Scrutton

In our blog last week, we talked about how we strive to make learning enjoyable at our centres. We discussed how small groups, regular feedback and rewarding hard work can result in a child making rapid progress in a subject that they once could have been struggling with. This week, we wanted to share a story that really shows the power of enthusiastic learning and how a pleasurable experience can help imprint a memory onto a child’s mind.


This story comes from Emile of Genie Tutors Liverpool, Genie Tutors’ newest centre! There is 30% off tuition for anyone who wishes to sign up to Genie Tutors Liverpool before April 21st 2016.

Here, Emile reflects on an experience in which he had been teaching a year 7 physics class and how a potentially bad situation became a moment of thought and reflection for both child and teacher.


“I once had a year 7 class. We were testing the aerodynamics of different plasticine shapes, and to allow the shapes to drop slower we put them in large tubes of wallpaper paste so that the class could time how long it takes for the different shapes to drop. As we started the race I accidentally knocked down one of these tubes and wallpaper paste went everywhere. It was just chaos.


However, it was one of those moments when it wasn’t stressful because the kids were being polite, just giggling, and I was realising that this was really quite funny. What struck me was that weeks later you could hear them still talking about it, and more importantly still they were remembering the content because they were able to remember what had gone wrong. 


It left me thinking ‘how can I build that into my lessons?’ But it’s nice that even when things go wrong you have that little bit of camaraderie with the kids, when they’re really enjoying the lesson it doesn’t matter what goes wrong because it’s more memorable for them in a way.”


Emile’s obvious bond with his class is warming. Having the respect of a group of children even when accidents occur is a sure sign of trust! This story also gives an important reminder of how society should try and educate children. We must be conscious that children spend a lot of time in classrooms and that the classroom experience can sometimes merge into one big blur. Exciting moments, even when they aren’t entirely planned like in Emile’s story, can shake up a child’s education and provide lasting memories.


At Genie Tutors, we pride ourselves on being dynamic and forward thinking to create a memorable atmosphere for a child to learn. When paint pots are inevitably spilled, we laugh with the children and try to pass on a relaxed approach to learning, without compromising on results. All of our centres are run by people who have years of experience in education. This means they can use their vast experience to create engaging, intense bursts of learning which will allow your child to absorb more information.


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