How can we improve quality of teaching and learning?

Performance of Schools and Colleges

By Luke Scrutton

How is your school or college performing?

The performance of schools and colleges has recently been published.


The government spends lots of time and tax payer’s money looking at how to improve the quality of education in our schools. The importance of providing a good standard of education to our children is recognised. Children need motivation and confidence to be the best they can be.


The performance of schools and colleges is dependent on many factors. The only consistent factor parents can identify is the role of the teacher, whose abilities and skill set, knowledge and enthusiasm are crucial in determining the success or otherwise of the children they teach.


The questions government ask are always the same:

  • How can we improve the performance of schools and colleges?
  • How can we improve quality of teaching and learning?

The questions that parents often ask are:

  • How can we make our children more motivated and competitive?
  • How can we help our children achieve the exam grades they need?

You can find out how your school or college is performing by clicking on the link below.


As  parents we know exam grades matter.  Good grades open doors to college, apprenticeships, A Levels and University. We want our children to be happy and perform to the best of their ability.


What can you do if you feel that your school or college may not be bringing out the full potential of your child?

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