"if your child isn’t getting the results you know they can achieve, private tuition can help your child improve..."

Children Love to Explore Learning
So why might they be struggling? 

By Luke Scrutton

Children Love to Explore Learning – So why might they be struggling?

Children explore learning all the time and find out about new places, new people, new ideas so why might a child be struggling at school? It could lack of focus, motivation or confidence, there could be some emotional issue that’s holding them back or they may have simply fallen behind and are finding it difficult to get back to where they were.


Every parent wants their child to do better so whatever the reason, if your child isn’t getting the results you know they can achieve, private tuition can help your child improve in lessons and at exam time. Sometimes exploring unfamiliar areas can be a little scary and guidance can provide invaluable help.


Your Guide to Exploring and Learning

A Genie Tutor is your child’s guide to the worlds of Maths and English to help them explore learning and have their potential unlocked. The key to Genie Tutors success is summed up in three words:

We work with children we know we can help because all our tutors specialise. Our qualified and experienced teachers undertake a comprehensive assessment of your child. This gives us insight into their background, academic ability and an understanding of their interests. There are many reasons why some children struggle with certain subjects. The more we know about your child, the more effective our help can be. Based on the assessment we develop a programme of personalised tuition to help your child progress. The free trial lesson gives our qualified teachers an opportunity to understand your child but more importantly it gives your child the opportunity to get to know us.


Highly Qualified Education Professionals and Teachers

Our tuition sessions are ‘face to face’ with a highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our carefully selected teachers listen to your child and take time to understand difficulties. We then help him or her to explore and improve understanding. We believe that this approach to learning offers a far more rewarding experience for your child than a computer based approach which offers very little in the way of student teacher interaction.


Should you wish for a computer based learning element to your child’s tuition then Genie Tutors can offer access to our homework portal which provides extra work, beyond that set by the tutor, for your child together with a regular online assessment of your child progress.


At Genie Tutors your child can benefit from high quality face to face tuition and have access to our portal providing addition work.

After every session we’ll share with you the progress your child has made, listen to your views and discuss how we can develop in the weeks to come.


We support, motivate and challenge. This will help your child to overcome academic problems, unlock potential and start to get the results deserved. Our goal – to build confident, fearless explorers who are hungry to explore learning – so request your call back now.