"Christmas family games for kids that can be played anywhere with a minimum of fuss and preparation..."

Christmas Family Games for Kids 

By Luke Scrutton

Christmas is almost here, so I’d like to share a few ideas about Christmas family games for kids that can be played anywhere with a minimum of fuss and preparation – ways to get the whole family involved in fun activities that are also helping the kids to learn.


There will be loads of electronic and traditional board games around, I’m sure; but our games don’t require any batteries, power supplies or special equipment and are great fun for children and adults.


Christmas 60 seconds

Slips of paper containing Christmas topics (shopping, presents, decorations etc.) are placed in a Santa hat. A player has to draw a topic and then talk about it for one minute. This can be timed with a smart phone or stop watch. The other players have to ‘buzz’ in if there is any hesitation, repetition or straying off-topic.


Christmas 20 Questions

Christmas words (with pictures for younger children) are placed in a Santa hat. Players take it in turns to pick a word and keep it concealed while the other players ask 20 questions to try and guess the word. The player holding the word can only answer “yes” or “no” to the questions.


Christmas Alphabet Challenge

Each player needs a pen / pencil and some paper – the game is to see who can be the first to find a Christmas themed word or phrase for each letter of the alphabet. For younger children, this game works well as a spoken game where players take letters of the alphabet in turn to come up with a word.

(It’s harder than it seems – last year, my family invented the Christmas Zebra as we couldn’t think of a ‘Z’ word!)


I went Christmas shopping …

Of course, even Christmas games for kids have to remember that Christmas isn’t Christmas without any presents, so here’s a shopping game.

Player 1 starts by saying, “I went Christmas shopping and I bought an apple for Anne”.  Each subsequent player then has to repeat the previous player’s list and add a gift and its recipient beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. Eg: I went Christmas shopping and I bought an apple for Anne, a bike for Brian, a car for Chris, etc.


What’s left in the stocking?

A number of festive items are laid out on a tray and the players have to look at them for one minute. Then, the items are removed and placed in a Christmas Stocking. The youngest child goes first and removes one of the items without letting anyone else see it. Everything is then laid out again and the first person to spot which item is missing gets to remove the next one.


The list goes on …

The possibilities are endless, so why not go ahead and create your own Christmas family games for kids?

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All that remains now is to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year from Genie Tutors. 


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