"Are computers preferable to teachers if the objective is to improve your child’s performance?"

Explore Learning – Are qualified teachers better than computers?

By Luke Scrutton

In order for children to explore learning some tutoring companies make use of technology rather than teachers. Yet are computers preferable to teachers if the objective is to improve your child’s school performance?

Whilst technology can help children to explore learning the question is, when choosing a tutoring programme for your child, is a computer based program better than a well trained and qualified teacher with tutoring experience?

Although technology is taking over many parts of day to day life, replacing some jobs with computers is clearly harder. Jobs, such as accountants, clerks, legal secretaries and bookkeepers may be at risk, but it is harder to replace teachers and tutors. See this BBC automation risk app.


Yet some tuition providers believe that it is possible to replace effective tutors with computer programs.


So why do some tuition centres replace tutors with computers?
A  qualified tutor or teacher can cost over £25 per hour, needs training, and has to monitor pupil progress to be effective.

Computers in comparison are very cheap, they do not take days off through sickness, they have no workers rights, and do exactly what they are told.

Every business has to reduce costs, and in tutoring staffing costs are typically the largest. So although staffing costs can be reduced by using computers we do not believe this should be at the expense of your child making optimum progress.

We at Genie put your child’s progress before increasing profit.


Why Qualified Teachers are Better than Computers
I have been tutoring for 12 years, and teaching for 20. I know that building relationships is vital to tutoring children, and maximising learning. We all know the problem. If we believe we cannot achieve, we don’t; if we believe we can achieve, we do. Have you ever tried to do something you believe you cannot do? It’s very difficult. This is where the skills of the tutor outperform the ability of computers.

To fully explore learning, and for your child to make good academic progress, the importance of highly skilled qualified teachers are essential. We have found that even teachers, teaching in schools, need further training to focus on the individual needs of the child, and to become more effective tutors. Our tutors, in order to reach our standards, must learn to raise their expectations of what each child can achieve, and introduce them to more challenging work.


Children must believe that they can!
Typically, parents come to us wanting their children to make more progress than they are within the school environment. Often we have only an hour to demonstrate that we can meet their expectations?

A good teacher has to explain concepts to a full classroom, and maintain control at the same time. A tutor doesn’t need to control a class but must be able to motivate children to believe in themselves, and raise their expectations of what they can achieve. It is these raised expectations, helping children believe that “they can”, that will enable them to achieve the goals you wish for them.

So unlike a computer, our tutors can build strong learning relationships and an atmosphere of achievement. This is what enables your child to learn more quickly. A well qualified, experienced tutor is able to build self-confidence, increase focus, and enhance belief that greater achievement is possible.

Tutors can ensure that your child will make regular progress every week. We hope you believe that your child deserves this special tutorial relationship, rather than trying to learn with a non empathetic computer.

So come and see for yourself. Book your evaluation!


Explore Learning at Genie
You can expect to see a room full of experienced and qualified teachers at our tuition centres. Typically you can see over fifty years of teaching experience when you walk into one of our centres. Your child will make good progress and you will get value for your investment:

  • Real face to face tuition – no computers.
  • Experienced tutors to build an atmosphere of success and achievement.
  • Qualified teachers to provide effective support.
  • One to one attention to help your child over come difficulties.
  • Small groups to create a sense of pace and challenge your child to work hard.
  • Feedback every week to ensure progress is made.
  • OFSTED registered to safeguard your child and reduce the cost to you.

Book your free trial to take up your opportunity to explore learning and make the progress needed for your child’s exams or to get ahead in class.


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