"What's the point of extra homework? "

Five Great Extra Homework links

By Luke Scrutton

As a parent, we want the best for our children and when we decide a little extra homework the best thing for our child then we want to point you in the direction of some great resources.


Before you scroll down and get the links have you thought about what you want to achieve?


What can you achieve with extra homework?

Good homework, set by your child's school teacher or tutor, should be similar to the work your child has done at school and a little easier so that it can be completed without support. There might not be anyone at home to help.

Homework can be a useful tool to help your child consolidate topics learned at school and keep you informed about what is being learned.


What topic should I choose for my child?

If you are setting extra homework you should perhaps follow the same strategy. Pick a topic your child has studied recently and avoid the temptation to pick something new or challenging.

Aim to practice and reinforce skills your child has learned and avoid tackling topics that will be a challenge and dent confidence.


Types of extra homework resources available

There are a range of resources available. Most schools have apps, online resources or portals for extra homework, homework tasks and building speed and accuracy. These are often selected by the school, have a specific educational goal and are the best place to start.

How to make a significant difference in your child's educational success

We should all be realistic about what extra homework can achieve. If you are looking for consolidation of learned topics and sharing with your child what they have learned then a little extra homework is a good thing.

If you have a specific grade in an exam as a target, or your child has lost confidence or needs to catch up then you might be better advised to find a tutor. The difference that an experienced tutor can have on your child's success is significant. A good tutor will have a significant impact on your child's performance, confidence, motivation and self-belief.