"Before embarking on GCSE resits, you should consider how you are going to make sure your child passes this time."

Confident You’ll Pass Your GCSE Resits? 

By Luke Scrutton

Take your GCSE Resits with Confidence

If your child hasn’t got the grades needed then there are GCSE resits. With retakes, getting into the college or sixth form you want may still be possible. Before embarking on GCSE resits, you should consider how you are going to make sure your child passes this time.

We are going to discuss some of the support your child will need to make sure that he or she passes second time.


Pass Your GCSE Resits - Make Sure it Happens

You might be thinking your child missed a pass by a few marks or even a grade. Maybe they will pass next time with a little extra support. However, confidence can now become an issue. Have you ever tried to do something you believe you can’t do? It’s hard, isn’t it.

In any situation it is important to get the support needed to get the extra marks required to pass. Fortunately, there is plenty of help and support at hand.


Identifying Topics to Focus on

Have you considered which topics need covering? Which topics are the best to focus on? Children often have just a few months to prepare for GCSE retakes and ‘hitting the road running’ is important. Identifying the topics that need covering is important. Once this is done they can be worked through.

Each topic will move your child several points towards reaching the needed grade or pass mark. They might have a good idea of which topics they find difficult and it will definitely be useful to list them. Go through last year’s exercise books and note down topics that were challenging.

However, which topics should you focus on first? Some topics are more important than others. Some topics are key to the grade that your child is trying to achieve, or are important topics that need to be understood to help with more challenging questions.

Either way - you will need to focus your efforts in the limited time remaining.


Improving Confidence

Simply learning the topics is often not enough.

Failing an exam may have dented your child’s confidence. It can be challenging to rebuild this but confidence can have a huge effect on performance.

From my experience as a tutor and teacher, it can be difficult to help children who have lost the belief they can achieve without first addressing their motivation, focus and confidence.


Preparing for your GCSE Resits

Fortunately this is where a good tutor can help.

You should expect your tutor to be able to focus on the most important topics for your child, whilst breaking down the subject into key concepts, techniques or strategies. They should then be able to use one to one support to help your child overcome the difficulties that prevented a first time pass. 

However, tutoring is 50% what you teach and 50% motivating your child to succeed. A good tutor will be able to help rebuild your child’s motivation and confidence. At Genie Tutors we use very small groups which allows our tutors to give your child one to one support. We use the groups to inject pace in the session. We want your child to be actively learning and working hard. 

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