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Genie Tutors & Kallikids team up to provide free tuition! 

By Luke Scrutton

We believe our tuition at Genie Tutors can offer a lot to children of all ages, whether they need help catching up with certain subjects or just want to progress as much as possible with their education. However, we are also aware that some children unfortunately don’t have access to this help when they need it. So when KalliKids opened up their ‘Sponsored Child’ campaign, we leapt at the opportunity to be able to provide quality tuition to children who otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience Genie Tutors.

The KalliKids Sponsored Child campaign has entered its third year.


The ‘Sponsored Child’ campaign from KalliKids aims to give children an array of opportunities, that they wouldn’t otherwise have, to participate in a new activity, learn a new skill and make new friends. The chosen activity will be free to the child for a whole year! We are very proud to be a part of this campaign and the following Genie Tutors centres are participating in the event:


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