"New school or year can have a profound effect on classroom performance."

Has your child settled into School?

By Luke Scrutton

As the first half term comes to an end how is your child settling in to the school routine. New school or a new year the change can have a profound effect on classroom performance. You might be delighted to hear that your child is achieving his or her potential or disappointed by less positive news. 


Potential is a word that gets uttered often in education, but realising a child’s true potential can be a challenging task. However, it is a task that our tutors revel in. Our tutors specialise in encouraging and motivating children to achieve and will tell you that this is one of the most rewarding things about teaching. Alongside the hard work of our tutors, we at Genie Tutors find the key to fostering enthusiasm in learning can be found in our bespoke approach to tutoring. 


One of the ways we get children to love learning is by emphasising the power of learning in small groups. When children are in small groups, we find they are more likely to bounce ideas off, compete with, interact with and support each other. This can make learning more enjoyable and productive than it may otherwise be in a large classroom or in a one to one situation. By sitting across the table from their tutor in an informal setting, children can’t help but share the enthusiasm of our tutors and the tutors can easily see what makes each individual child excited to learn. This means that a personal learning experience, where tutors can give special attention to individuals when it is needed, is created. That can’t be offered in a 30-person classroom.


Whether your child is reaching their potential or needs encouragement, Genie Tutors can help them be the best they can be. Give Genie a call to book a free trial lesson and see how we can help.