"she wants to achieve good grades in all of her subjects..."

Maths GCSE Tuition Helps Georgia

By Luke Scrutton

Georgia is taking her GCSEs next year and she wants to achieve good grades in all of her subjects and needed some maths GCSE Tuition. Like many students Georgia leads a busy life. She has an interest in the performing arts and has participated in local amateur dramatic productions. The last production she was involved in was a musical. Her mum told me that she is very aware of the issues effecting the world which leads to some very interesting debates over the diner table.


When she leaves school Georgia would like a career in drama. She is realistic enough to realise that she will need a lot of luck as well as talent to make it in that industry. She is also considering a role in teaching – perhaps drama, English or both which means she needs to go to college and University.


At school Georgia has strengths in the humanities. She likes English and history amongst the other subjects she is studying and has a talent for Spanish. Her mum told me that her teachers are pleased with her progress but she has difficulty with maths. Georgia understands that maths is an important key subject.

“I need to achieve a good grade in the subject to pursue my goals.”


Georgia’s bother had previously attended a Genie Tutors. He found it very useful so Georgia started with a Maths GCSE Tuition class in Harborne. Before starting with Genie, Georgia was due to sit the foundation level maths exam. Her teachers predicted grade 5.


Maths GCSE Tuition Means Progress Achieved
Working with Georgia her tutor took her back to the basics of maths. She made sure that Georgia had a good understanding of the underlying principles of the subject before moving on to the more complex areas. Georgia now has a newly found confidence with maths which has resulted in her moving from the foundation level GCSE exam to the Higher paper.


Georgia is obviously delighted. She is now pushing for higher grades with her newly found skills in Maths. Her parents are also tremendously pleased with the improvement.