"What revision techniques actually work?"

Mock GCSE Exams Don’t Have to be a Real Pain 

By Luke Scrutton

Are you feeling the pressure?

The nights are drawing in and year 11 pupils everywhere are screaming and tearing their hair out. No, it’s not the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse – or even the latest dance craze – it’s the realisation that the Mock GCSE Exams are almost here and that the ‘real things’ are just around the corner.


Tips and tricks to ease the pressure.

As a tutor, I’m often asked for advice about revision techniques that actually work. Parents and students are all seeking a sure-fire route to GCSE exam success. The Internet is full of revision websites, offering everything from free chatrooms and discussion forums to online activities and worksheets. A particular favourite of mine is www.educationquizzes.com where you can practise almost any subject at all levels, but there are scores of similar sites and finding them can be an education in itself.


How Can Tuition Help?

Tuition can provide a great deal of support with revision. In a small group, led by a specialist teacher, it is often possible to address those finer points that may get overlooked in the more pressured situation of the school classroom. It’s easier to share ideas and discussions in small groups and the tutors have more time to work with you as an individual on aspects of the subject which you find difficult.


You hold all the answers …

In the end, the real key to GCSE exam success lies within you. You’ve put in the work; you’ve attended the classes. Now all you have to do is stay calm and show the world what you’re made of. A few notes of the key points, a bucket load of self-belief and you’re on your way.


The Night Before

Let’s face it – what you don’t know by now, you’re unlikely to learn in the next few hours. The night before an exam is not about intensive study. It needs to be about preparing yourself, physically and mentally, for the challenge ahead.


I always advise my students to restrict the last-minute cramming to a quick read-through of their notes. Other than that, it’s best to make sure that you have all your equipment ready and try to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Nothing hampers your performance quite like falling asleep.


And finally...

It’s exam day! Make sure you get up on time, have a good healthy breakfast and above all – DON’T PANIC! You can do this, and the ‘mocks’ are meant to show where you need to apply the ‘tweaks’ to get your best possible grades in the finals.


We’re right behind you – Good luck!


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