"Tutoring isn't just for Christmas..."

Why tutoring is a year round activity
Not just for the exam period! 

By Luke Scrutton

As January, a busy time in the academic calendar, comes to a close, many students will be able to indulge in a well deserved rest this weekend. Notebooks and worksheets can be substituted for television remotes and mobile phones for a bit of “down time”. Come Monday, however, these students will no doubt be told, by a teacher, tutor or parent, in some iteration that their work is not over. Predictable though it may be, it also carries truth.


The reminder that education is a constant feature of a child’s life, and not merely a focus for the months of June and January, must be carried over to the world of tutoring. Often, parents and children alike will look at tutoring as a service that can carry pupils through a single test. However, at Genie Tutors we believe that year round tutoring brings our children much larger benefits than short term bursts of extra education.


Firstly, it’s important to remember exam preparation is a long term process, not simply crammed into the days and weeks before an examination. Pupils will learn exam content over the course of several months. By attending tutoring over this whole period, our tutors will be able to accurately identify gaps in a child’s learning or areas where they need extra help more effectively than they would in a few short sessions, as this tutor describes well.


Another benefit to year round tutoring is the prevention of the so called ‘summer slide’. The ‘summer slide’ is a well known concept in education, and it states that children can often regress drastically over the summer period when not in any form of education. The summer break is important to kids, but it is equally important to keep their brain active during this period. Tutoring is the perfect way to provide your ­­child with a fun and engaging educational activity without the stress of full time education – helping your child even more once they get back into school.


Tutoring also has numerous benefits to children’s lives outside of pure educational benefits. As our previous blog talked about, there are numerous social and confidence related benefits to working in small tutoring groups. Interacting with a cross section of children in small groups inspires confidence and ingenuity. Also, putting a child into last minute exam tutoring could well decrease confidence and self motivation  –while long term tutoring can be perceived as a regular activity that can then help a child develop.


With more contact time comes more development. At Genie Tutors we strive to help children reach their target grades at school, but also wish to inspire broader educational and personal progress in our children. This two pronged approach to education delivers fantastic results on all measurable levels, for long lasting development in your child’s education.


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