"It’s a shock when the school says your child is under-achieving. We’ve all been there.
... but how can you end bad parents evenings?"

You’ve had Parents Evening – What Next?

By Luke Scrutton

It’s a shock when the school says your child is under-achieving. We’ve all been there – but how can you help?

The Starting Point:

You’ll probably have some targets set by the teacher, maybe a list of recommended books; but do you really know how to go about giving your child the right support and encouragement?

Have you thought of having a chat with your child to make sure that the targets are agreed and understood?  This will put you in a better position to move forward together towards success.


The Key to Success:

Your child is unique and there may be many reasons why success isn’t happening right now. In a class of 30 pupils, the average teacher rarely has the time to address every child’s individual needs.

It may be a good idea to reinforce the idea that there is a point to learning, apart from in the context of school. There are many ways adults can demonstrate the value of education without delivering a lecture.

Reading, writing, doing puzzles (crosswords, word search, Sudoku etc.)
Educational games.
Cooking, shopping, measuring etc.
All of these emphasise the value of basic numeracy and literacy, and can be a great source of fun for parents and children to do together.


A Little Expert Help:

Of course, sometimes you need to call in the cavalry. Many children benefit from the opportunity to study with friends or older siblings.  Sometimes, the answer is to seek tuition from someone with the knowledge and skills to help your child fill the gaps and overcome the present difficulties. A private tutor can help your child to address those parents’ evening targets, and you – as parents – to cut through the jargon and be a real support. At Genie Tutors, we can help.


Working Together

Genie Tutors are here to offer support, advice and encouragement to you and your child, as you take those crucial steps towards success.

We work with parents and pupils to meet individual needs and tutors are available for individual feedback after every session – you’ll never have to wait until parents’ evening again – so you can share your child’s success, every step of the way.

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