Tuition with Genie – Charlie

“In Year 3, Charlie was having terrible problems with literacy” according to dad, Graham
His difficulties were becoming more and more apparent, and according to dad, Graham, he was getting frustrated and ‘stroppy’.

He started tuition with Genie and over the course of Year 4, made tremendous progress. “Charlie was struggling with all aspects of English – grammar, reading and creative writing – and his handwriting was so bad that he hated picking up a pen. While the school did offer some focused writing groups, it was a temporary support and didn’t give him what he needed to improve long term.

His older brother had gone through the 11+ with Genie, so when Charlie started having difficulties, it was our first port of call. He started tuition towards the end of Year 3 and although initially he didn’t like his sessions (mainly because they were on a Saturday morning which meant that he missed going to the football with his brother), he quickly began to flourish.


The first sign that he was improving came from the school. His teacher told us his attitude had changed – he was more focused and motivated. Charlie has a stubborn streak and when he can’t do something, he can get really stroppy. But here he was, starting to contribute to his English class and put forward his ideas willingly. We couldn’t quite believe it.


Over the course of Year 4, he progressed enormously. We have a friend who’s a headmistress and she independently confirmed to us just how impressive his progress has been. He’s now where he should be in both English and Maths and we’ve been told he’ll hit his targets in both subjects. His handwriting is brilliant now and he loves going to his sessions, probably because his confidence has improved so much.