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Traditional tuition from qualified teachers – Established 2009

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Expect Genie Tutors Spring Hill to Help You Achieve 

Finding good tutors in Ladywood, Jewellery Quarter and Hockley can help your child to prepare for exams, improve confidence, improve focus on work and help him or her get better grades. We will expect your child to succeed and provide support to ensure achievement.


Preparing for an Exam? GCSE | 11+ | SATs 

Avoid last minute cramming. As little as one
hour of tuition a week will allow your child to improve skills and tackle exams with confidence.


Children attending Genie Tutors in Ladywood, Jewellery Quarter or Hockley get help with the maths and English skills they are struggling with. This results in improved performance, grades and sets.

Is your child

Improve Confidence, Focus and Achievement


We will set high expectations, motivate him to learn and provide the support needed so he can achieve. 


Notice the difference in just 10

Doing well - you want them to do better? 

Perhaps your child is doing well and you want her to do even better?


Perhaps pushing her to achieve even better grades or top sets.


Maybe your school thinks she is doing well and you think she can do even better?


Genie Tutors Spring Hill will help her achieve even more.


  • Notice the progress every session - learn concepts every week.
  • Work harder to learn quicker - our tutors use small groups to encourage faster work and focus on achievement.
  • All the support needed - With only 6 children our tutors, who’re used to teaching 30 children in school, are able to provide exceptional support. Grasp difficult concepts is our expectation for your child.
  • Feedback every week - tell us your goals and we will show you your child’s achievement.
  • A lightbulb moment in as little as an hour - If you need more than one hour we can provide more.
  • Traditional tuition - using face to face tutoring with experienced qualified teachers, pen and paper, tried and tested, gimmick free tuition!
  • Established in 2009 - we are a national company. Genie Tutors was established in Birmingham and has helped 1000’s of children achieve. Homework set every week and provision of an online homework portal


we understand that children get only one shot at school and we intend to help you make it count. Whether your child or teenager needs help to improve confidence, become more focussed or pushing to achieve the very highest grades – we have the right tutor and over 10 years of experience providing tuition in Ladywood, Jewellery Quarter and Hockley.