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October 21, 2016

The new numbered grading system coming into action for English Language, English Literature and maths in 2017 makes getting a ‘good pass’ more difficult – and re-sit opportunities are expected to be available for maths and English Language only (and during November only).

This, of course, means it is more important than ever for students to get the grades they need first time around. English GCSE tutors can help your child achieve the grades needed without having to re-sit any exams.

English GCSE Tutors at Genie

Carefully vetted and passionate about helping to develop your child’s English skills, all of our English GCSE tutors are education professionals dedicated to helping realise your child’s true potential through encouragement, motivation and inspiration.

Using an extensive range of quality teaching techniques and learning materials, we aim to provide your child with the right kind of challenge to help develop good English skills.

More than that, we also look to raise your child’s confidence levels and provide the tools necessary to get top GCSE grades in English and succeed in the modern world.

How We Work

In order to achieve this, we will first of all assess your child’s abilities, interests and needs. Based on this assessment, we will then develop a personalised and flexible tuition programme and select the most suitable materials to motivate, enable and encourage learning every week.

Keeping our groups very small, we have the ability to provide individual support as and when required and also make the session engaging so that your child is highly motivated to work hard.

Knowing how much your child can develop and benefit from parental involvement, we will always provide regular feedback on the progress your child is making.

Our tutors find it very beneficial to listen and carefully consider your opinions and discuss with you how to proceed in the weeks to come.

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Do you want your child to achieve higher GCSE results?

To enlist the help of Genie English GCSE Tutors; maths or science GCSE tutors or tutors to help your child prepare for SATs, 11+ or A Levels, request a call back or find a centre near you now.


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