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SATs & Primary

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Aimed at 7 to 11 year olds

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"I am still helping Soni with her Maths now..." Luke Oct 2023

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SATs & GCSE Maths Boost Method!

Zach - Now Above Expected Levels

11+ Boost Method

"The 11+ Boost Method is Amazing!" Adam

Getting the last marks to push from grade 7/8 to a grade 9 is hard. Jessica did it...

Jessica Got Her Grade 9!

... Shamar focussed and his Mum was amazed!

Mum told me I couldn't get him to focus...

This Mum (&teacher) says her daughter was transformed  into focused goal-setting and improvement. 

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Teacher Explains How The Boost Method Worked Helped Her Son Charlie Pass His Maths GCSE In Just 12 Weeks... 

Charlie Went From Stress to Success

Ryley's improved confidence improved his exam performance in English as well as Maths.

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"I improved my test scores from 30% to 70% in two months." Charlie Yr11

Boosted 3 Grades In 2 Months!

Aiming for top grades, Jannat Boosted Her GCSE Maths, English & Science By Two Grades With The Boost Method.

Boosted Maths, English & Science

Salim was bright, but lazy and unfocussed. 
Listen to how The Boost Method changed Salim's focus...

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Amelia was in top sets but kept getting grade 3 or 4 in tests. After sitting her exams she got grade 6, 7 and 8s!

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Lizzie tell me why The Boost Method boosted her GSCE grades and confidence...

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