Luke Scrutton

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

I founded Genie Tutors in 2009 because I wanted to establish an effective tuition programme to help children succeed in a competitive world.

I came from a home of educators. After qualifying to teach myself, I built up a range of educational experiences during my career. You could say – teaching was in my blood!

What motivated me to arrive at school every day was the opportunity to see the spark of learning in children’s eyes. I noticed that the more personalised approach I could give a child – the more they learned. I set about trying to maximise this.

I had high expectations and after years of trying different strategies to reach them in schools – I realised that I was never going to achieve what I wanted. With class sizes of 30+ and without accountability to parents, I needed to ‘switch direction’. That’s what led me to think – there might be a better way.

“I setup Genie Tutors in 2009 and I was amazed by what my tutors and I could achieve”.

So how are we different from other tuition centres?

We set challenging tasks with professional support – everyone achieves
Tuition is personalised and engaging – delivered by staff who care
Qualified teachers provide face to face tuition ensuring progress every week
Your regular tutor will provide continuity, face-to-face tuition and a single point of contact for feedback
These are some of the reasons that I am proud to be the head of Genie Tutors. I am sure you know your child is the most important investment of your life. I’m confident that you’ll notice the difference within 10 weeks.

How we ensure success 

Ensuring success is built into the very structure of what we do from the selection of tutors, through to delivery of tuition. At its core are three principles which underpin everything. It’s why we can say confidently – your child will make progress every week. 
  • Assess – Teach – Consolidate
  • Progress Every Week
  • We will feedback your child’s progress every week

By continually assessing what your child can do today, we can then teach the next steps to improve understanding. By repeating this every week you will see the progress you are seeking.

Why is personalised tuition the key to success?

Many parents ask questions like “what resources do you use?” I know that many tuition providers have specific resources which their tutors must work through. We at Genie Tutors work differently. We provide personalised service. Using Motivated Qualified Teachers means that your tuition is personalised to your needs and aspirations. Our professional tutors can draw upon a vast range of resources specifically for your child. We will deliver personalised tuition for your child by drawing on the best and most appropriate resources available.

Building Your Child’s Success

Why is tutoring beneficial? There are many reasons why a child might be struggling at school…

It could be that they lack focus, motivation or confidence, there could be some emotional issue that’s holding them back – or they may have simply fallen behind and are finding it difficult to get back to where they were. Every parent wants their child to do better so whatever the reason, if your child isn’t getting the results you know they can achieve, private tuition can help child development in lessons and at exam time.

How our tutors work: We educate rather than train.

When children are engaged, they start to enjoy learning again. Working with very small groups of children, we encourage them to ask questions, strike up dialogue and bounce ideas off each other. We support, motivate and challenge. This helps them overcome academic problems, achieve their potential and start to get the results they deserve.

Assess – Develop – Progress

We will feedback your child’s progress every week

First, we assess your child’s needs and abilities. Every child has a trial session and is comprehensively assessed before they start. This gives us insight into their background, academic ability and an understanding of their interests. There are many reasons why some children struggle with certain subjects so the more we know about your child, the more effective our help can be. Then we develop a programme of personalised tuition. Every child is different. They learn in different ways and at different paces. We achieve the results we do because we mould our tuition around your child’s needs. And because the groups we teach are so small, we’re able to give individual support whenever it’s needed. Every week we give you feedback on your child’s progress After every session we’ll talk to you about the progress your child has made, listen to your views and discuss how we can develop in the weeks to come. Research shows that outcomes are better if parents are involved in their children’s development and regular feedback is invaluable for you, your child and us.

Building Your Child’s Confidence

When children are engaged, they start to enjoy learning again. Working with very small groups of children, we encourage them to ask questions, strike up dialogue and bounce ideas off each other this is a key element of building confidence. We support, motivate and challenge and this helps them overcome academic problems, achieve their potential, build self confidence and start to get the results they deserve.

How we work: We educate rather than train.

At Genie Tutors we try to educate in a positive and friendly learning environment rather than training the children. We teach and install positive self talk into the child by setting realistic goals. These goals can be educational based but we do not constrain our tuition to just this. Providing the children with skills and traits they may use later in life such as resilience, rules, independence and adventure.


The Boost Method

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